Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's not always the BG's fault

Quick 20 miles this AM before the heat hits. Humid, breezy, mid 80s. Not bad. Before the ride I overshot the morning high a bit and at 10 AM the BG had dropped to 64. I ate a bowl of cereal and headed out to hit the rolling hills. My thinking was that either the carbs from the cereal and milk would 1) use the last of the morning Novalog and Lantus to pick up my BG and fuel my ride; 2) I would not have enough insulin in my system and would go high, or 3) the cereal would not be enough and I would be sucking down goo.

This particular out-and-back is exactly 20 miles and I look at the clock at the turn-around to see how close I am to a 20-MPH average, and to see if I gain or lose time on the return trip. Usually it's a head-wind on the way out, but there are a couple long and painful hills going back.

I felt pretty good going out, and turned around. On the way back I started to feel lousy and started to wonder; my mind started playing games wondering what my BG was doing. I rode on home and tested my blood. 109. Perfect. My food and insulin worked perfectly--I'm just doggin it today! Maybe more coffee...

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